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Phone Numbers

Take your own number with you (Porting)

or choose numbers at CHF 1.40 each


The phone system for companies of all sizes that value ease of use, highest security standards and custom configuration options.

Thanks to the modular structure of Ayrix, you can adjust the size of your phone system to your needs at any time.

Internet Access

Setup Fee:
130.00 CHF

Monthly Fees start at:
89.00 CHF/mo

We will be happy to make an individual offer for you

SIP Trunk

A SIP trunk is used to connect your telephone system. With the MS Teams Trunk you can connect your telephony with MS Teams.

SIP trunk / MS Teams trunk

Setup Fee:
150.00 CHF

Monthly Fee:
15.00 CHF/Monat

SIP trunk / MS Teams trunk

Setup Fee:
50.00 CHF 

Managed Services

Winet offers technical service with its VoIP technicians

This service is paid

Business Flat

Business Flat Switzerland

2'000 min. landline
500 min. mobile
38.00 CHF/mo

Business Flat Switzerland and Europe

2'000 min. landline
500 min. mobile
44.00 CHF/mo